Could be worse.

To put this season in perspective, the SF Giants have still won 27 more games than the Baltimore Orioles, losers of 103 games…. so far.
And yet the Orioles, with 41 wins, are guaranteed at least one more win than the 1962 Mets.

If Trump  – heaven forbid – owned the SF Giants, he’d be bragging about how well they were doing in their search for draft picks.

But open note to SF Giants, even if they DO go 0 for September, they’ll never catch the Baltimore Orioles, losers of 103 games — already.


ESPN reports “Chair umpires and other officials are shaken by what they perceive as a lack of official support for chair umpire Carlos Ramos.”  Well, yeah, because don’t all serious tennis fans tune in and buy tickets to matches to watch the best officials perform their duties?

(And just for the record, it is possible to believe that Serena was wrong, and that Ramos was wronger.)


What is with weather reporters? While Hurricane Florence is increasingly terrifying, as of Tuesday night a story says Olivia “was once a powerful category four hurricane, but it’s since struggled in the face of increasing wind shear.”
It’s “struggled?” What about instead “the planet is fighting back?”

Oops, turns out during Rick Scott’s touted campaign bus tour the Florida Gov. decided to save time by taking… a private jet. A true man of the people.

CDC has linked eggs from an Alabama farm to a multi-state salmonella outbreak. The eggs were sold in Alabama, Georgia and Tennessee.
But any residents of those states who don’t believe in science can go ahead and ignore the recall.

Missouri’s Nostrum Labs raised the price of an antibiotic to treat bladder infections from $474.75 to $2,932 a bottle. Founder Nirmal Mulye said in a Financial Times interview “I think it is a moral requirement to make money when you can … to sell the product for the highest price.”
Clearly a man aiming for a position in Trump administration.

I realize that Susan Collins  and Lisa Murkowski as Republicans disagree with most Democrats on many issues. That’s fair. But this is a moment, like John McCain’s thumbs down moment on Obamacare repeal. And the history books have space for Susan and Lisa’s names.

(You go girls?)

“I actually think it was one of the best jobs that’s ever been done….Puerto Rico was an incredible unsung success.”
So how many tens of thousands would have had to die before Trump said there was room for improvement?

Okay, be honest, how many people saw “tremendously big and tremendously wet” and thought “someone leaked the pee-tape?

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