Past dated?

Bud Light will be giving out free beer at 10 Cleveland-area bars when the Browns win their first regular-season game. Prompting the obvious question – so how long can beer age?

After throwing a few punches at SF Giants’ Nick Hundley, LA Dodgers’ Yasiel Puig was ejected and will probably be suspended.   On a brighter note, he might have drawn some interest from the Chargers.

Due to rule technicalities, Robinson Cano, returning from a 90-game PED suspension, is ineligible for any playoff games, while  Roberto Osuna, returning from a  75-game domestic violence suspension, IS eligible…   So if Cano had only beaten his girlfriend instead of taking PED’s he could play in the postseason. Is this really how MLB wants to compete with the NFL?

Okay folks, the challenge is on for “buzz” on this one. From my friend the very funny Hartley Miller – “An umpire working a NY Yankees-Chicago White Sox game briefly stopped the contest in the 9th inning to have a live bug pulled from his ear. Afterwards, the ump signaled the infield fly rule.”

Omarosa and Sean Spicer’s books aren’t selling very well. Makes sense, Trumpsters don’t want to hear anything against their hero, and Trump haters who want to read outrageous things just have to follow his tweets.

New Quinnipiac poll showed 51% of GOP agreed with Trump that the media is the “enemy of the people” line.
Wonder how many of them realize that Fox News IS media?

In South Lake Tahoe, a deputy had to shoot out a back window of a Honda Civic to free a bear who had gotten into the car and was unable to get out.

But haven’t we all had problems with those child-proof locks?

And at least the bear wasn’t armed.

Air traffic delays averaging well over an hour at many airports across the country…. Boston, New York Area, San Francisco….
Can’t wait for winter when we’ll have fewer flight delays… #WTF?

Florida GOP congressional candidate Melissa Howard “It was not my intent to deceive or mislead anyone. I made a mistake in saying that I completed my degree.”
Right, and the fake diploma she posted a picture with was an art project?#WTF?

At least Donald Trump didn’t accuse Omarosa of having a “perfect smoky eye.”

As we parse Trump’s Omarosa “dog” insult, remember all the media outrage when Barack Obama simply said to Hillary Clinton “You’re likeable enough?”


Six firefighters have died battling California wildfires. And only comments from POTUS are blaming the fires on fake water issues…..

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