Moving on

The World Cup is over. So most Americans can get back to ignoring soccer again.

Brazil is already the favorite for the 2022 World Cup in Qatar. What are the odds the 2022 World Cup HAPPENS in Qatar.

Congratulation to France on their World Cup win. But 4-2? Was the ball juiced?

Washingon Nationals, who fired Dusty Baker last fall, lose 2-3 of to Mets and limp into the All-Star break at.  500. Once again people don’t appreciate how good a black leader was until he’s gone.

Cardinals Manager Mike Matheny fired for being 1 game over .500. Mets fans wonder if he was fired for overachieving.

New slogan? “Call Papa John’s, don’t slave over a hot stove.”   #Bustohell

So latest video of someone calling cops on a street vendor has gone viral & resulted in #PermitBetty losing her job.
Amazing, not that people can be a**holes, but that some haven’t figured out everyone else has a cellphone camera.

It’s costing over $6,000,000 for security for Trump’s visit to Scotland. So he can play golf and promote his failing Turnberry resort. Well, this ought to make the place even MORE attractive to locals….

Scottish police are looking for paraglider who flew over Turnberry with a “Trump Well Below Par #Resist” sign. No doubt Scottish people will then be looking for him too, to pay for legal expenses.

William and Charles refused to meet with Trump at Windsor Castle. So IF Trump outlives Queen Elizabeth, will he refer to one of them as #FakeKing?

As Trump praises Kim Jong Un & publicly says of Putin “maybe he’ll be a friend,” this headline from Fox News this am. “Trump slams ‘difficult’ European Union on trade, calls 28-nation bloc ‘a foe’ of US.”
State TV at it’s finest.

The Capital Gazette murders were less than three weeks ago, and @realDonaldTrump is tweeting “our news media is indeed the enemy of the people….”

Trump tweet “Received many calls from leaders of NATO countries thanking me for helping to bring them together and to get them focused on financial obligations, both present & future. ”

Calls from NATO leaders, or the voices in his head?

So where are the commemorative coins for the #TreasonSummit

TC can’t wait for Trump to tell Putin “that he was a big fan of John Lenin and The Beatles.”

Marc Ragovin  – “New Country Motto: “Thailand. Where We Reunite Children With Their Parents”

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2 Comments on “Moving on”

  1. Dennis Mar Says:

    Regarding the Monday summit, Sarah Palin had better hope that Trump doesn’t give back Alaska to Putin.

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