The King has left the building?

Well, hope Luke Walton enjoyed his time actually coaching the Lakers.

Waiting for Lavar Ball to say Lebron James is now the 2nd best player on the Lakers

You know you’re having good week after being called up from AAA when they intentionally walk you in your third start. #AustinSlater #SFGiants

And didn’t we all have SF Giants with Cueto, Samardzija and now Strickland out having the best ERA in NL for June at 2.70?

Eliminating teams from the World Cup on Penalty Kicks is like ending the World Series with a Home Run Derby.


Toronto Maple Leafs have signed Islanders captain John Tavares for seven years, $77 million. And presumably he’ll get most late Aprils and Mays off.


There are classic World Cup games that turn people into soccer fans for life. Spain vs. Russia and Croatia vs. Denmark were not those games.

Tammy Duckworth says Alexandria Ocasio Ortiz politics will not win in Midwest. Uh, duh, and  Lisa  Murkowski wouldn’t win in Kansas and John Bel Edwards wouldn’t win in California. It’s called being right for your district.

Susan Collins thinks #SCOTUS won’t overturn Roe v Wade because of respect for “precedent.” Wonder what Justice Merrick Garland thinks.

Happy Canada Day. How long until Canada has to build a wall to keep desperate refugees from the US out?

“Permit Patty” Alison Ettel claims she just pretended to call 911 on a black child selling water, and then police release the 911 tape.
So MAYBE Ettel isn’t racist, but she sure is stupid.

If an immigrant had stabbed one US citizen last night @realDonaldTrump would have unleashed a tweet storm by now. But nine refugees are stabbed by an American in Boise, and crickets.


Tonight @realDonaldTrump congratulated leftist newly elected President of Mexico. Over-under on when Trump will come up with his 1st nasty nickname for Andrés Manuel López Obrador?

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One Comment on “The King has left the building?”

  1. Dave Bradford Says:

    If Russia wins the World Cup will they get an invite to the White House?

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