I miss slow news days.

Tiger Woods made a triple-bogey on his first hole today. Does this mean ESPN is likely to give up this weekend’s #USOpen coverage?

ESPN headline “How the Lakers can land LeBron, Kawhi and Paul George.”
I think I like “How Tiger can win this year’s U.S. Open” better.

Scott Gregory today with 92 became 1st player in 16 years to shoot over 90 in first round of US Open. Well that’s one way to get Tiger out of the headlines.


Ty Blach is my new pitching hero. 6.2 innings- in 15 inning win for Giants.   And this following Dereck Rodriguez’s 6.2 innings as starter. Two quality starts in one game. More than SF Giants have had in a week.

Those of us who are superstitious might be upset at Duane Kuiper, who when SF Giants  were up 3-0 early in game suggested that 12n start in Miami meant team would get into LA after cross-country flight relatively early.

As a public service, could Netflix offer free streaming of the movie “Gaslight?” And fast?!

All this  supposed Trump focus on the parents of Korean War soldiers. But what about the forgotten victims of the Bowling Green Massacre?

So Sarah Sanders and Jeff Sessions are using the BIBLE as justification for taking babies from their parents? Uh, don’t think this is what Jesus meant by “suffer the little children.” #WTF?


Angel to Joseph “Get up, take the child and his mother and escape to Egypt. … (Matthew 2:13).
So Sessions and Sanders are saying #Bible said Egyptians should have taken Jesus from his parents.


Remember, anyone who only watches Fox News is not hearing about children taken away from their parents. Fox is focused on Hillary’s emails, and “bombshell” IG report.
Why it’s so important to politely get out of our echo chambers and engage.

Lewis Black nursery rhyme last night on @TheDailyShow
“Hickory dickory dock, Dear congress stop sucking the NRAs c*ck”
But guessing there won’t be major GOP outrage: A woman comic didn’t say it.

Finally don’t think Trump gutting Obamacare affects you? One ACA provision said preventive care – mammograms, colonoscopies, blood tests etc, must be covered with no deductible. Even for those with employer-paid insurance
But I’m sure insurers won’t start charging again…

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