Not our problem…

Washington Post says most Washington Capitals players would visit White House if invited. Maybe because most of them aren’t American.

SF Giants manage to blow 3 leads in one game. 7 leads in series against Miami. Maybe pitchers can’t concentrate in empty stadiums?

Is it a rule that any time an #SFGiants pitcher walks the leadoff runner they have to score?

Cincinnati Reds have taken a dispute to Ohio Supreme Court over whether team should pay tax on bobbleheads given to fans attending games.   Giveaways are subject to sales tax but Reds claim don’t have to pay additional tax because they resell the promotional items as part of the ticket package. Heck, with this year’s team the bobbleheads probably have more value than the game.

That moment in history when #MPRaccoon has more courage than any member of the GOP in Congress.


Good thing #mprraccoon didn’t try to scale the White House. Trump would have probably had it shot as undocumented

All this talk that #KatieArrington won because she supported Trump. Uh, maybe she won because even conservative GOP women finally had a viable alternative to Mr. Appalachian Trail? #SouthCarolina

All those people who risked their lives to escape East Germany with Berlin Wall now have to be thanking God someone like Trump wasn’t in charge.

All the past studies of “confirmation bias” pale in comparison to reality of MAGAers being convinced Trump is on their side and actually Making America Great Again.

So how punch-drunk do you have to be to tweet an identical insult about Robert DeNiro twice in 24 hours? Asking for a country.

Of course there’s no chance that Trump White House started fake #SarahSanders resignation story to distract from #MichaelCohen about to be arrested & #PaulManafort about to go to jail….

Trump pressed by Fox’s Brett Baier on about Kim Jong Un “He has done some really bad things.”
“Yeah, but so have a lot of other people have done some really bad things.” Who’d a thunk we’d miss “kindler gentler nation?”

Beginning to think if Hitler offered to let Trump build branded hotels and golf course in Nazi Germany, POTUS & Fox News would try to convince Americans that “he’s a tough guy, a lot of people have done bad things.”


On the eternal question of whether higher salaries would get Americans to do jobs now taken by undocumented workers…. some years ago was in Costa Rica touring a Dole banana plant.
It was mostly outdoors, efficient and fascinating. Someone asked, how’s the pay? Our young tour guide laughed and said, pretty good, very good actually, but no Costa Rican wants to do this all day. So all these workers are illegal Nicaraguans….

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