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Red Sox  still owe Hanley Ramirez about $15 million for this season – about as much as they’re paying Pablo Sandoval to play for the SF Giants.

Nobody believes Rockets can win game 6 without Chris Paul.  Maybe not. But they basically won game 5 without James Harden.


Friday afternoon and Trump is tweeting angrily about Obama again. Somehow we all knew without looking that it’s going to be raining in DC all weekend so he can’t golf.


USC President stepping down over scandal w/ university gynecologist accused of conducting inappropriate exams for almost 30 years. Trojans play at Stanford Sept. 8. Should the @lsjumb (Leland Stanford Jr. University Marching Band) just be suspended now as of Sept. 9 to save time?

Gronkowski the 3 year old colt has been given 69-1 odds to win the Preakness.  69-1?  Out of 8 horses?   Do they think Rob Gronkowski himself is the jockey?

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At this point the only thing that may let US move flags back from half-staff over school shootings is summer vacation.


After his arrest, Harvey Weinstein complained his cuffs were too tight – “I’m feeling faint.”
“I’m feeling so sorry for him.” said no woman.

Landslide vote in Ireland to liberalize abortion laws. Well, good to know one country is moving into 21st century while GOP/Trump try to drag USA back into 19th.

Leaving aside the gun issue, teacher who stopped Indiana school gunman Friday teaches SCIENCE. Which GOP would, if they could, have eliminated.

Isn’t “male school shooter” sadly redundant?

Washington Capitals captain Alex Overchkin talked about “waiting for this moment for a long time.” And yeah, it’s the Caps’ first Stanley Cup Final since 1998.  Of course, it’s the Las Vegas Golden Knights final … for ever?

Follow the $$$?  From NY Times today – ” There are far more Amazon Prime members in this country than people who voted for Trump.”

Happy #NationalWineDay. Although thanks to Trump, every day has become #NationalWineDay

Just wondering, what if #NorthKorea summit was always a sham whether it happened or not, but Trump figured headlines would distract from other issues. Nah, another of those far-fetched theories…

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