Kneed to know?

If the NFL really gave a damn about people showing respect during national anthem they’d order teams to shut down concession stands while it was played. $$$$$$

So do all these people ranting over NFL stars and the anthem stand at attention at home in front of their TV sets?

Good thing the Bucks’ Sterling Brown REALLY didn’t try to resist arrest over his parking violation in Milwaukee. He’d quite possibly be dead.

Two thoughts on Reuben Foster. 1. If DA is convinced she lied his accuser should be tried and if found guilty should go to jail. 2. WTF was he doing with a fully-loaded gun on floor of bathroom?

SF Giants get swept in two-game series against Astros , Warriors falter against Rockets. San Francisco area teams REALLY “Don’t Mess With Texas.”

So now that they’ve outlawed kneeling what will NFL blame their 2018 falling ratings on?

Damn shame Spurs are not in NBA Conference Finals. Because my guess is that Gregg Popovich would be kneeling along with his players for the next national anthem.


And now that NFL has trampled on First Amendment will they suggest players open carry on the sidelines to show support for the 2nd?

NFL might have better ratings if they had cared half as much about protecting players from brain injuries as they do about appeasing Trump and racist fans.

Remember those innocent days when we were worried about America falling into hands of 1 or 2 families? Both Bushes & Clintons look good by comparison to Trumps.

Last murder on Long Island linked to MS-13 – April 2017. Now calendars too have a liberal bias?.

Maybe time for someone to set up big screen outside Trump hotel in DC to play Wizard of Oz on a continuous loop – and remind Trump of what turned out to be a very successful witch hunt.

Rudy Giuliani said he hasn’t spoken with Trump in a “couple weeks.” Who does he think he is? Melania?

Mike Pompeo today contradicted Trump -saying he “does not believe there is a deep state” at State Department or CIA. Time to move the Secretary of State up in Trump firing bingo?!

Well of course Trump needed to immediately tweet support for  Tomi Lahren after her act of bravery that might have gotten her killed…. Oh, wait, during brunch someone threw a drink at her? Never mind.

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