Cold as ice.

Cubs home opener snowed out. Only thing colder are SF Giants’ bats.


Six of the nine games SFGiants have played they have scored 1 or 0 runs. Clearly they miss Madbum at the plate.


Not only do the Giants need to start hitting to stay competitive in the National League’s Western division, they also need to make some effort to claim at their Giants Dugout store that they are selling “game-used bats.”

That moment when you have to outscore the Sacramento Kings by 19 in 4th quarter at home to clinch playoff spot. On brighter note Pop might be so frustrated he decides to run for President?

Packers WR Trevor Davis was arrested when he checked in at LAX & in response to usual questions, asked his companion if “she remembered to pack the explosives.” You almost hope he’s had a concussion. #cantfixstupid


GB wide receiver Trevor Brown, arrested for joking about having a bomb at LAX, is a Cal grad. And they wonder why Stanford makes Weenie jokes?

Meanwhile, Lindsey Buckingham has parted ways with Fleetwood Mac. Having a 1980’s flashback.


Imagine all you idealistic young law students, you too can grow up to spend $130,000 of your own money on a porn star who accuses your client, and then have your office raided by FBI….

So maybe FBI was raiding Michael Cohen’s office looking for the covfefe?

Trump may be learning the hard way – don’t f*ck with a professional who screws other people for a living. #StormyDaniels

Trump “Many people have said ‘you should fire’ Mueller.” Translation of “Many people” – “Putin plus all the voices in his head.”

If Trump does fire Mueller who will be the first GOP member of Congress to call for “thoughts and prayers?

If a man died & 6 NYFD firefighters were injured at a Clinton owned building, GOP would be saying it was as bad as Chappaquddick.

Meanwhile Trump will bomb Syria to smithereens before he does something drastic like allow some Syrian refugees into USA.



Is there ANY Republican not retiring who is willing to say firing Mueller is a Red Line? Or is it really $$$$ over all? Asking for a country.


Once again, if Mueller is on a Witch Hunt and there is nothing in Cohen’s records that implicates Trump then POTUS should be thrilled for opportunity for vindication…

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4 Comments on “Cold as ice.”

  1. Donald Sherman Says:

    I don’t know who to believe. The weather report and the pictures about the Cubs cancelling opening day, or last night episode of “Superior Donuts” which was about opening day and the weather was great and people were in shorts sleeve shirts. 😊

  2. tc in bc Says:

    meanwhile, Lindsey Buckingham has parted ways with Fleetwood Mac.

    They told him He Could Go His Own Way!

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