No more teachers, no more books..

Ah, who are we kidding…?


UCLA and USC QBs Josh Rosen & Sam Darnold both declare they are leaving college early for NFL draft. Meaning other Pac 12 teams have improved chances next year of being beaten in better bowls.

Of course the real question is which QB will be picked #1. And then maybe wish he had stayed with at least a semi-pro college team instead of the Browns.

New Marlins owner Derek Jeter expects team to be profitable this season. Will revenue include that playoff share Jeter will be voted by the Yankees?

Tampa Bay Buccaneers  safety T.J. Ward, now a free agent arrested this am in Tampa on “possession of cannabis” charges. Add another player to list wanting to sign with 49ers, Charges, Rams, Seahawks or Broncos.
I miss the days when the biggest drama the first week in January involving huge egos was NFL and college coaches getting fired.
Maybe it’s possible that John Kelly told Donald Trump that Diet Coke button also can launch nukes. Thinking optimistically for a country.
Kind of cold, low 50s, and very rainy today in SF Bay Area. Just guessing we are getting zero sympathy from Midwest and East Coast.
Savannah Airport is closed today due to an inch of snow. And in Minneapolis they are just giggling.
An Alaska Airlines flight from Oakland to Portland after a rat was seen boarding the plane. This would never have happened on United.Airlines. They’d have charged passengers a “zoo fee.”
Trump has “Such respect for the people of Iran” says they will see “great support from the United States.”  Is he cravenly ignoring his own executive order. Or is it a sign of dementia that he can’t remember which country’s citizens are on his travel ban list?
So I guess #SteveBannon is no longer included in Trump’s list of “many fine people on both sides.”
As Bannon attacks Trump & Trump goes after Bannon, burning question of day – what are Americans going to do about the upcoming popcorn shortage?
Not sure about coal, but @realDonaldTrump is certainly doing wonders in the US for iron-y.
A fire today at Clintons’ property in Chappaqua, New York was extinguished without any injuries. When firefighters left  house did they tell Bill & Hillary, “Despite headlines these days, go easier on popping all that popcorn.”
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