All about not quite winning?

Florida State wants Jimbo Fisher to decide if he will accept Texas A & M coaching job. Possible translation with the Seminoles 5-6, will he quit or be fired?

Tiger Woods shot a 3-under par in his first tournament in a year, leaving him tied for 8th.  But hey, at least ESPN has something to write about golf.

Blue Jays analyst Gregg Zaun has been fired for “inappropriate behavior ” in the workplace. Time to start getting more women hired in sports too.

Cowboys-Redskins  – a game between two teams who at best will never get out of the wild card round.


Soon to be heard at the Pearly Gates “Surprise, surprise surprise….” RIP Jim Nabors aka Gomer Pyle.


Open note to guys planning to apologize for past sexual harassment. We’ll be a lot more likely to believe you if you do it before you get caught.


Jeff Sessions indicated Federal Government might try cracking down on recreational marijuana. He does realize Colorado & Nevada each have a GOP senator… now?

Trump’s visit to Britain in January has reportedly been canceled over his latest tweet storm. Well, not like it was a special relationship or anything.

Trump: “The rich people actually don’t like me” Correct. They love him.


So in the end, contemplating his own mortality, multi-millionaire #JohnMcCaindecides the most important thing is to gut the estate tax for his and Cindy’s heirs?

Considering that almost EVERY analysis shows #TaxBill as massively increasing deficit & hurting middle class, no wonder GOP wants to cut funding for math graduate students.

So can all these conservatives endorsing Roy Moore for Senate let Moore escort their daughters to prom?
Cannot imagine losing a child to random gun violence. But the #KateSteinleverdict seems reasonable.  (Not sure why they didn’t go for manslaughter.)   Tragic, stupid, but not deliberate. Now can we talk about penalties for casually leaving guns in cars?
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2 Comments on “All about not quite winning?”

  1. TC in BC Says:

    The real reason that President Kim-Chee keeps firing missiles is because they don’t have “Twitter” in North Korea”. DUH!!!!

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