Not so old Man-u

Manu Ginobili signed 2-year, $5mill deal with Spurs. Of course San Antonio saves some money since Manu’s health costs covered by Medicare.


Unclear on the concept. Celtic fans  fans burning Isaiah Thomas jerseys. They do realize he was TRADED right? Not his choice. #cantfixstupid


So if these brawls keep up can we expect to see #Yankees #Tigers on pay-per-view?

Down goes Frazier.  (Clint)    Not exactly what you expect in a baseball game.

Amazon says they will lower some prices at Whole Foods Monday. Good news for shoppers who will now be able to lower their lines of credit.

RIP Jay Thomas, 69, Eddie LeBec on Cheers. Instead of a hearse maybe he can be taken to his funeral in a Zamboni?

So does Trump remember who his FEMA director is? #Harvey

Lots of great people in Texas.   Wishing them the best. And hoping they all remember that their Senator Ted Cruz voted against Federal Funding for hurricane relief after Sandy.

The Obamas were seen this week in Cambridge helping Malia move into Harvard.  Think anyone’s told Trump that Tiffany started law school?

Gunman shot after holding hostages in #Charleston. Not terrorism, just “disgruntled employee” w/ gun. Nothing to see here. Unless he turns out to be undocumented.

An audit shows a plan to streamline University of California, payroll systems will take 5 years longer than planned, and cost triple the original estimates, almost $1 billion.
Maybe next year they should hire people from Stanford?

Powerball winner says first thing she is going to do is quit her job. Points for honesty. “The money won’t change me at all..


Turns out lottery-winer Mavis Wanczyk’s ex-husband was killed in a hit-and-run crash last year. Sad. But, at least no alimony battles. #bustohell

Happy #NationalWaffleDay – So it only took 7 months to get a day in Trump’s honor?

Is there anyone in Washington @realDonaldTrump hasn’t feuded or isn’t feuding with? Who knew being President could be so complicated?

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