Moving the football.

Who knew? The so-called “Game of the Century” between LSU and Alabama, might not have been one of the top ten college games of November.


Listening to all these NFL players introduce themselves and their college, I propose a new rule – You only get to mention your college or university IF you have actually graduated.


Stanford’s Andrew Luck was named a first-team Academic All-American with his 3.48 GPA in Architectural Design. In the SEC, at least a few QBs can allegedly spell “Architectural Design.”


All this strength-of-schedule crap. Never going to change with the BCS. Because an out-of-conference loss knocks teams down so far, there’s no reason for SEC to play good Big 12, Big 10 or Pac 12 teams. And vice versa. We get one or two games like LSU-Oregon and the rest is conjecture. Another reason we need a playoff.

The University of Miami, currently tied for #7 in the ACC, has decided to self-impose a bowl ban for 2011. What a crushing disappointment for all those kids who grew up dreaming of playing in the AdvoCare V100 Independence Bowl.

While readers may know I’m biased in favor of Stanford, I am not a 49ers fan (I root for the Saints.) But San Francisco is having an impressive year.


For those West Coast sports fans tired of East Coast bias, the most fun part about listening to the Sunday Night Football? Listening to the announcers talk about marquee teams like the Giants and Eagles, and realizing neither of them is playing as well as the 49ers.


Of course, if the BCS had anything to do with the NFL playoffs, the 49ers would be seeded about 10th.


“Breaking Dawn” took in over $139 million this weekend. With an audience that was 80 percent women. Amazing. How the heck did some of those women get men to go with them?

(my niece Sarah implies some teenage boys may have been crazy like foxes and gone to a showing to meet teenage girls. Alex Kaseberg says “It rained so hard in LA it washed a straight dude into a showing of “Breaking Dawn.”)


Of course, maybe this is all a plot. By opening “Breaking Dawn” the weekend before Black Friday, millions of American men may decide that if their wives or girlfriends give them choice, they’d rather go shopping.


Jim Harbaugh was the most sought after potential NFL head coach last year. And it is just possible that he might have been under-rated.


Congress is giving us yet another oxymoron – “Super-committee.”


The new MLB contract between the owners and players will reputedly include testing for HGH. Translation- The players have found something better.


In Sunday’s Vikings-Raiders game, Minnesota almost punted early because the officials forgot third down. “See, not so easy is it?” said Rick Perry.

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2 Comments on “Moving the football.”

  1. I like your graduation requirement rule for NFL players. I’d add a section barring the superflous use of articles (i.e. THE Ohio State University).

  2. tc Says:

    most likely only hockey fans will get this…

    Sidney Crosby returned to the Pittsburgh Penguins tonite against the NY Islanders, and every Canadian network has covered the event. TSN, CBC, Sportsnet, it’s non stop coverage all night. Even Versus in the US is televising the game.

    This is the most over-hyped hockey event since Don Cherry and Wayne Gretzky walked across the North Saskatchewan River.

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